Allen County Emergency Management Agency

Justice Center

333 N. Main Street

Lima, OH 45802

Phone: (419) 993 1404

Fax: (419) 222 3757

9-1-1 Overview

The 9-1-1 concept was originally developed to provide the public with one simple, easy-to-remember number to call for help in emergency situations. In May of 1985 the Ohio General Assembly passed legislation to create statewide 9-1-1 capabilities. At the time of the bill’s passage, lawmakers estimated it could be 20 years, or until the year 2005 before 9-1-1 service was available everywhere in the state of Ohio.

In March of 1986 the Allen County Commissioners established a 9-1-1 Planning Committee to begin the task of establishing the 9-1-1 service here. In 1988, the Allen County 9-1-1 system was approved and functioning.

The Allen County Commissioners then established the Allen County 9-1-1 Governing Board to oversee the operation of the system and appointed a 9-1-1 Coordinator to manage the system on a daily basis.

The Allen County 9-1-1 systems includes two public service answering points (PSAPs), one at the Allen County Sheriff’s Office the second at the Lima Police Department.