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Video Library

All tapes in the video library are available for loan to local schools, service clubs, community groups, and public safety agencies. Speakers are also available to accompany any of these videos for training or presentation purposes. Contact the EMA office at 993-1404 for more information.

Subject Title
General Protection Through Inspections
(Boilers/Pressure Vessels)
General Chickenpox: A Disease Worth Preventing
General Case For Safety II (Boilers/Pressure Vessels)
General F.E.M.A. Slide Show
General Jetski Safety 101
General Envirox
General When Disaster Strikes
General Emergency Management in Ohio
General National Disaster Medical System
General A Shared Responsibility/Emergency Planning
General Ameritech
General Allen County Workers Comp. Program
General First Call
General Newscasts '89-'90
General Liability Issues
General Crimestoppers U.S.A.
General F.E.M.A. Public Information
General Meeting the Y2K Challenge (Historic)
General Civil Defense Recruiting film with Patsy Cline (Historic)
General Titan Scan Technologies, Demonstration Video
General Press Conference (12/19/01) re: U. S. Mail/Anthrax/Titan
Health & Safety CPR For Professionals
Health & Safety Adult, Child, Infant CPR
Health & Safety Standard First Aid
Health & Safety First Responders - Law Enforcement
Health & Safety Emergency Child Birth A & B
Hazardous Materials Inland Spills 2000 (Drills '86-'96)
Hazmat 1st Responder Hazmat Ops Refresher, Part I
Hazmat 1st Responder Hazmat Ops Refresher, Part II
Hazmat 1st Responder Hazmat Awareness Refresher
Hazmat Law Enforcement Hazmat Awareness Refresher
Hazmat L.E.P.C. 1986-1996 ER Drills
Hazmat Shelter-In-Place (Unocal)
Hazmat L.E.P.C. 1993 Drill (P&G)
Hazmat L.E.P.C. 1989 Drill (ACEMA)
Hazmat A Hazardous Materials Incident
Hazmat A Hazardous Materials Exercise
Hazmat Hazardous Materials Response, Parts 1 & 2
Hazmat Limited Use Chemical Protective Clothing
Hazmat Are You Prepared?
Hazmat Propane Emergencies
Terrorism Oklahoma City Bombing - Interviews
Terrorism Oklahoma City Bombing
Part I: "Terror Hits Home" Part II: "Rescuer Thanks"
Terrorism Terrorism in the Middle East with Dr. Jonathan White
Terrorism Training Responder Awareness "Hartford Mall"
Terrorism Training Threat Assessment Overview
Terrorism Training Community Threat Assessment
Terrorism Training An Overview of Terrorism with Dr. Jonathan White
Terrorism Training How to Prevent Terrorist Acts
Terrorism Training Immigration Issues
Terrorism Training Anti-Terrorism Task Force Coordination & Training Issues
Tornado Tornadoes
Tornado Tornado Warning (TV35)
Tornado Tornado (ACEMA)
Tornado Tornado: The Deadliest Storm
Tornado The Enemy Wind
Tornado It Sounded Like A Freight Train
Tornado Natures Fury, "Are You Ready?"
Training Incident Management
Training Incident Command
Training 9-1-1
Training D.W.N.S. Training / 9-1-1 Policy
Training Exercise Design